So you think you have what is takes to run a marathon?! I mean who wouldn’t right?

26.2 miles is such a breeze… (insert comical laugh). But for all you new comers to the

mental and physical game of a marathon, here are some key pointers that will allow you

to flourish during your breeze of your 26.2 miles journey.

– Hydrate well before leading up to the marathon. It’s important to drink big glasses

of water before going to bed and first thing in the morning to keep your body


– Start carbo-loading about two days before the big race.

– Stay off your feet and rest.

– Start getting good nights of sleep multiple days prior to the race. The night before

you may not get a full night of rest with all the excitement and nerves.

– The night before the race, visualize. Visualizing is a powerful psychological

preparation. Visualizing yourself crossing that finish line and overcoming fatigue

will help you mentally prepare when the time comes.

– The morning of the race, eat a simple, high-carbohydrate breakfast a few hours

before the race starts. Examples: bagels, fruit, granola bars, oatmeal.

– Also watch the mile motivators video for extra encouragement!

Remember to take care of your body and get plenty of rest afterwards too!! The whole

DM family is right behind all you runners and we are all so proud of you guys and your

commitment to the kiddos!!! FTK always.

Written by: Kelsey Wroble


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