This Lime Wednesday is committed to helping you find the best lime to

spread on campus this fall. Leaves are falling, autumn is calling and there’s never

been a better time to wear your favorite color lime. (I promise all the Dr. Seuss

rhyming is done. But wasn’t it fun?)

So where can you find the newest lime trends? Look no further than the Iowa

Hawk Shop located in the basement of the Iowa Memorial Union. Whether you’re

stopping by between classes or before your next dancer meeting, the Hawk Shop has

everything your DM heart could ever desire. Plus, all Dance Marathon merchandise

proceeds at the Hawk Shop go back to the kids! How awesome is that?!

The Hawk Shop is the only place you can buy University of Iowa Dance

Marathon’s one of a kind t-shirts as well as infusers and tumblers, and be sure to

keep an eye out at the Hawk Shop for Dance Marathon totes that you won’t find

anywhere else. Dance Marathon’s elite merchandise team is also looking to add crew

necks, beanies and additional outerwear to their collection to keep you warm as the

temperatures drop.

Start spreading your lime! You no longer have to search, you now the place to

buy the best DM merch. The Hawk Shop is just minutes away and it’s the easiest way

to spread your lime FTK. (I promise I really am done now).


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