With the Big Event being just under 100 days away a lot of first year dancers may be wondering what it will be like. There’s no better way to explain it really, than through ‘The Office’ because Michael Scott quotes can be applied to anything.

When you’re cherishing your last few moments sitting down and waiting for the Big Event to officially start and you hear “alright dancers, on your feet!”

When you see the brand new Morale dance being performed for the first time and immediately try to pick up on all the dance moves.


When you realize that you’re in for a challenging 24 hours and look to your friends for support.


When you get a text from a family member saying how proud they are of you, but you just heard the most inspiring story about a kiddo and know they deserve the compliment over you


When you you snag a spot up on the stage and and go all out with your dance moves because it feels like your performing for an audience.


When it’s 4:30 am and nothing you say makes sense


When you rock out like never before to “Halfway There” by Bon Jovi


When you’ve been on your feet for 20 hours without sleep but remind yourself to keep going FTK


When it’s power hour and suddenly you have so much energy


When the tote board goes up and you can’t contain your excitement


When you look around the room and realize you’re surrounded bunch of college students who managed to accomplish something truly amazing


When you wake up the next morning and realize you can’t wait to do it all over again next year.



Get excited to be dancing FTK in just 86 days!!!

Written By: Bailey Christian


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