If you are wondering how DM showed off their lime at both the first men’s and women’s basketball games… Here is how.

  • The night was kicked off with a DM tailgate outside the arena. There,dancers/leadership/pretty much anyone in lime could grab some tasty food and mingle with pals if they were tough enough to brave the cold.
  • Before the start of the men’s game, Dance Marathoners lined the aisles of the arena and walked down the stands as our newest contribution to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital as well as DM in general was announced!!!
  • Lime green t-shirts filled the crowd!
  • Some people even threw in a lime green headband, or pom poms. (If they decided to go all out)
  • Even Herkey was sporting a lime green DM shirt! You really couldn’t miss that!
  • The entire “G” section of the stands was flooded with lime green.
  • Northwestern Mutual presented a $10,000 check to DM at center court during a time out!!!! WOW!
  • The start of the half time performance was a dance off between three Dance Marathon dancers- Carly, Kristen, and Dylan. Dylan took home the trophy by the support of the cheering audience with a crowd favorite: The Dougie.
  • Another surprise dance off arose between a few dancers in the DM crowd when the song “Watch Me” was played over the loud speakers for a time-out. They even got the cameras attention so lime, as well as some skilled “whipping and nay nay-ing” was displayed for all of the arena to see.


Written by: Madi Smith


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