So It’s Your First Year Dancing…

Before the Big Event a first year dancer spends months fundraising, attending meetings and getting hyped for the event. Pretty much the entire year builds up to this 24-hour extravaganza. Repeat dancers have a ton of stories and first year dancers don’t fully know what they have coming their way. So here are a couple real life accounts of first time dancer’s anticipation.

“I had these dope pants that were lime green with polka dots so I had my outfit planned weeks in advance. I was worried my feet were going to KILL. I was nervous about staying awake for 24 hours because I love my sleep. But I was unbelievably excited because I knew I was going to be changing peoples lives.”-Riley Coyle- Second year dancer

“All of my friends were in dance marathon last year so I felt like I missed out on this Big Event. I experienced it as a volunteer last year and I really wanted to be a dancer this year so I can experience the entire 24 hours. I am really nervous about staying awake for 24 hours, partially because I will also be sweating a lot and I will be somewhat gross, and partially because I get a little cranky. But I am really excited to go to the Big Event and see the lives I have impacted and dance with the kiddos.”-Caroline Rossberger- First year dancer

“I was really nervous about like being on my feet for 24 hours obviously and what I was actually going to do for that long. I didn’t know if there would be activities or if it was literally just dancing the entire time. I anticipated meeting the kiddos because I thought that would be really cool and I didn’t know what our interactions with them would be and how they were incorporated to the Big Event. I

also was stressed about what I needed to bring and what I didn’t need to bring.”-Lauren Geurink-Second year dancer

“I am excited to hear from and see more families that are directly affected by the efforts of Dance Marathon. More specifically how our actions help make their lives better and ease their burdens.” Dan Heraty-First year dancer

“Well first I feel like I need to go out and invest in some lime green socks and a sweatband. I am really excited to see all the families and hear all their stories. It will be great to see what all this has been for. I am nervous about being on my feet for 24 hours, but it will be worth it.” Danny Berg- First year dancer

The Big Event is in a mere 65 days and it is sure to be another amazing 24 hours.

Written By: Frankie Delleman


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