Finals week. It’s upon us and there’s no stopping it. Fortunately there are ways you can get through this. You aren’t the only one riding the struggle bus. Just when you’re about to give up try a few of these ideas and rally your way to an A+!

1. Find a F.R.I.E.N.D. – Finals suck but they suck less when you’re studying with a friend. It’s always nice to have a study buddy to help you understand those lecture notes from August. Friends also help boost morale.


2. Take a walk – It’s not called The Great Outdoors for nothing. If the brain is fried and you’re stressing about that test in 2 days go take a walk. It’s amazing what sunlight and a little fresh air can do.


3.Don’t binge watch – Watch an episode or two, but be careful not to binge watch your study time away.


4. Sign up for Dance Marathon – Yes, you read that right. Take 5 minutes off from studying to sign up to change lives. #ftk


5. Treat Yo Self – Go get some ice cream. Get your nails done. Eat half a frozen pizza. It doesn’t matter what it is but take a break from all the studying and go TREAT YO SELF.


6. Take a drive – Nothing can compare to riding around in a car blaring “Perfect” by One Direction or “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. Nothing.


7. Facebook/Instagram – It’s okay to take a few minutes and check your Facebook. Just don’t creep on someone all the way back to 2008. Nobody wants that and you’ll just lose valuable study time.


8. Clean your room – Sometimes it helps to feel more organized and put together. So go clean your room or whole apartment for that matter.


9. Donate to Dance Marathon- As we are in full swing of the season of giving, donating as much as a few dollars to a friend’s account will make their day! Really it is a win win for everyone!


Good Luck!


Written By: Katrina Fey




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