What is one of the first things you think of when someone mentions Dance Marathon? It’s probably people in lime chanting “FTK!”, right? With the Big Event THIS weekend, have you ever wondered, “where did lime come from?” This is the story behind our iconic color.

Before UIDM had a consist brand, from year to year colors and logos would change. In DM12, lime became our official color. You could have seen lime prior to DM12, but thanks to the PR/Marketing Director, Mike Hubbard, that year solidified our love for lime.

Why lime? Well, as we all know, it’s bright. You can spot a fellow Dance Marathon member from across the Pentacrest. Hubbard thought that this unique, vivid color could be used as a way to spark questions and conversations about Dance Marathon. From recruiting new dancers to spreading awareness about our mission, lime can be a conversation catalyst. Mike also talks about what lime green can mean, “Green is also associated with spring and with the new life that it brings, which is what we are all hoping to bring to the kids and the families.”

So when you are standing, crying, and dancing with your fellow Dance Marathoners, look around at all the lime. Think about all that it means to you, the organization, and the families and kiddos. When you are tired, don’t fail your lime. You made it to the Big Event, which is an achievement in itself. Stand tall in your lime for those 24 hours. When you are crying for a family who lost their son or daughter, know that you are showing your support and honoring the kiddo by wearing your lime. When you are dancing your heart out during Power Hour, know that your lime is happiest when it’s the sweatiest. Leave everything you have on the dance floor!

Lastly, after DM22 has come and gone, sport your lime everywhere. It can be your Big Event shirt, or it can be the lime that will forever be in your heart. Spread your lime and share your experience with Dance Marathon with others.

Is there a topic that you want to learn about? Let Dance Marathon Alumni Group know! For story ideas please email uidmag@gmail.com


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