Evelyn’s cousin Jaclyn Gessner was diagnosed with retinoblastoma when she was three.  A year ago, at Dance Marathon 2015, Jaclyn walked across the stage and graduated, so her family came to watch.  That Saturday was actually Evelyn’s 7th birthday! She was moved by all the kids there battling cancer that she asked her mom if she could raise money herself.

At first she wanted to put on her own concert. This January, we went on a cruise and she asked to Karaoke.  That’s when the idea hit Evelyn and her mother: Karaoke for Cancer!!

When we got home, Evelyn promptly sat down and wrote out her plan for the event.

Evelyn and her mother booked a room, created a Facebook event, and started talking to a friend at school who very enthusiastically wanted to help!  The girls planned everything from what songs they would sing to the jokes they would say. 

The event itself was pretty simple and went well.  They had a bake sale and sang Karaoke.  Her goal for this year was $100, so we’d say it was a success! Next year she plans to advertise a little more and see if she can raise $500 FTK!


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