Morale Captain Assistant: Lucas Laufenberg (far right)

What are you most looking forward to this summer?
The weekends. After a long 40 hour work weeks, I can’t wait to go home on the weekends and hangout with my friends and family. Whether its going on the river, bonfires, or baseball games, I look forward to it.

Why did you want to be a morale captain (assistant)?
I wanted to be an MCA for DM 23 because I loved my experience last year. I wanted to play a bigger role in the organization and help encourage people that joining DM is one of the best decisions they could make in college.

What was your favorite part of DM 22?
My favorite part would be the big event. Just seeing everyone there celebrating these kids and their families. Hearing the families stories and seeing how strong/positive they are makes for an incredible experience.

What are you doing to make your summer FTK?
This summer I will be attending a family event and also attempting to fund raise a good chunk of my DM 23 goal so that I am able to help my group members out more come Fall semester. I will also be planning group socials with my MC for this coming school year.

Hot dog or hamburger?
Hamburger for sure. It’s my go to food at restaurants and its always a solid summer time cookout food.


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