1. When you know you should get a head start on fundraising, but Netflix is just too addicting:
  1. When you’re bored and decide to DIY some lime off of Pinterest, but it doesn’t turn out anything like the picture:
3. When you want to spread your lime back home and rock some DM apparel, but you just can’t bring yourself to start load of laundry:
4. When you finally convince yourself to learn the morale captain dance, but feel like it is your first time at Zumba:
5. When you want to hang with your DM friends that you miss so much, but making plans is just too difficult:


These five occurrences are all too familiar, but also completely avoidable. Figure out what motivates you and use it throughout the summertime. Watch a DM video on Youtube, read past blog posts, and make to-do lists! This will help you overcome the summer temptation to forget about DM and give you something to do when you get bored of lounging by the pool. Let’s all get a head start on DM 23 to make it the best one yet!

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