Pokemon Go and Dance Marathon are sweeping the nation! Here are 10 ways to incorporate your gaming with your role as a dancer!

  1. Offer to walk friends phones for cash so you can hatch their eggs faster.
  2. Stop by the Children’s Hospital and use one of your lures for the kiddos who can’t get out as much to find them.
  3. Create jogging/running routes that include the most Pokestops. (Additional incentive to continue your marathon training!)
  4. Offer up your portable charger to trainers for cash so they can replenish battery on the go.
  5. Pokestops have become a big want for restaurants. Find restaurants that don’t have one and offer to set a lure to attract customers. (Make sure to mention you are doing it to raise money for DM)
  6. Rare Pokemon are not easy to get your hands on, we sure am having a hard time finding them. So when you do tell the world which one you have found, make sure you announce the location after they donate to your account.
  7. Set up a donation challenge between Team Instict, Team Mystic, and Team Valor. Penny wars, or see who can donate more per team!
  8. Determine where a popular Pokestop is and set up a small concession stand FTK!
  9. Offer to walk dogs in your neighborhood, you’ll make some great cash for DM and who knows maybe you can check off another idea from this list.
  10. Go canning! You’re already walking/running/driving/biking/swimming/dancing to all these pokestops, might as well be efficient with some canning.

Now go catch ’em all, For The Kids!

Written By: Tracey Martin and Evan Furlong


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