This week we reached out to a fellow Dance Marathon that is brand new and still finding its footing: Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. We spoke with SMUDM’s Executive Director and the person responsible for establishing DM at this school, Kimi Rose, about SMUDM’s goals and inspirations. 

What made you want to start DM at your school?

Well going to SMU, I initially just assumed it had Dance Marathon and was disappointed when I realized it didn’t. My sister attended Indiana University, where it was started, and saw how heavily it impacted her life and how beneficial it was for the community. I was inspired and decided I would try and bring that movement to SMU.

What do you hope to achieve through DM at SMU, beyond raising money for pediatric cancer relief? What impact are you hoping to make on your students and faculty?

Besides raising money for Children’s Health in Dallas (the hospital), I hope that Dance Marathon can make a difference for a students at SMU. I want to show them just how good giving back is, and how it’s fun and easy to do. I hope SMUDM to become a tradition that lives on at SMU!

Where does SMUDM get its inspiration? Where have you turned for help and support in establishing this organization?

With Dance Marathon igniting a fire across the nation, SMUDM gathers its inspiration from colleges everywhere. Regarding myself- I receive endless support from my sister, who was heavily involved in IUDM, friends from other schools involved in DM (Iowa, Georgia, etc.), and from SMUDM’s wonderful regional manager. There’s inspirational all around and SMUDM is always thrilled to talk and connect with other DM programs! 

What are the details of your first Big Event?

Our event’s logistics are always growing and changing, but as for the things we do know- the event will be November 12th from 10 am – 10 pm. When a student signs up as a regular dancer, they are expected to raise $200 and have to pay a small registration fee. For a committee member, it’s $275, and exec members, $350. We are also planning many theme hours, a rave hour, celebrity appearances, and of course, a wonderful morale dance. We’re excited to see how our event turns out! 

Wishing SMUDM the best in their endeavors FTK! Happy Lime Time Wednesday!


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