Now that you’re back in school, what are some things you can do in order to prepare for Dance Marathon 23 this year?
1. First, sign up for Dance Marathon if you haven’t already! Not sure how? Go to and click on the register button. It’s so easy… do it, you won’t regret it!
images (8)
2. Load up on your lime. Seriously, get anything that is lime: t-shirts, funky pants, socks, shoe laces, hats. Make it super fun by asking people in your morale group to go to Walmart and buy lime! Dance Marathon has a great merchandise committee where they are always awesome setting lime gear. It always sells out quickly too so get it while it’s available
3. Get to know people in your morale group, especially your Morale Captain and Morale Captain Assistant. To make the most out of your Dance Marathon experience, make an effort to meet and talk to the people in your group. Learn their names – especially your captain’s names. This way, you’ll feel more comfortable around everyone and make DM 23 the best it can be.
4. Sign up for canning events for the football games. If you haven’t started fundraising yet or want to get even closer to your goal, sign up for the canning events for the home football games! It’s a great way to get yourself closer to your fundraising goal and you get to talk to the people at the football games. You’ll get opportunities to sign up shortly after the school year starts.
5. Get to know your kiddos. Each morale group represents their own kiddo and each and every one of them are amazing! They are always happy to see people from Dance Marathon so don’t be a stranger to them. There are quite a few family events throughout the entire year where the families and Dance Marathon people go and it’s a blast. Getting to know the families and your group’s family makes Dance Marathon an even more amazing experience.
Dance Marathon 23 will be an amazing experience if you let it be an amazing experience. Make the most of it and enjoy everything in the process! Start fundraising and get to know the people within Dance Marathon (they are awesome). 
Have a rockin’ start to the school year. FTK always.

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