DMM Origin Story

When Alan Cosby first heard about Dance Marathon at orientation, he thought it was marathon-running group. Obviously as he spent time on our campus, he learned about the organization and it’s incredible mission. After losing his student body president race, he wanted to find a way to get more involved on campus. Cosby ran 2 marathons in high school with his track teammates so finding a way in college to connect his running passion with a great cause seemed like a great fit. Because of this, he had the idea to have Dance Marathon participate in the 2008 Chicago Marathon as a charity team. He pitched the idea to Business Director, Lauren Scheldrup, who loved it and fought to implement the idea. From there, Dance Marathon the Marathon (DMM) was born.

Initially, Cosby’s goal was to enlist 10 people to run the race since committing to running 26.2 miles takes time, effort, and perseverance to complete. Little did he know that once his idea took off through viral emails and recruitment, 89 individuals would sign up and finish that year! Some of the runners were in Dance Marathon as dancers or leadership members while others were community members who wanted to support the cause while accomplishing a lifetime goal. In fact, most of the runners were 1st time runners.

That first year, DMM contributed $100,000 dollars, or 10% of the entire DM15 toteboard! Since that time, there have been 1,400 runners in DMM and this year raisied $196,712.88 For The Kids.


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