As we are only a 78 short days away from the big event, we are beginning to near the fundraising crunch time. No matter if you have already surpassed your fundraising goals or have been a little procrastinator and are still sitting at $0, there is still time to raise so much money FTK! The holidays are approaching which is prime fundraising time. Being home over breaks also allows the perfect time to get your parents involved and advertise your efforts to their coworkers. This sounds great until you start thinking about how you have already begged all of your family members for money excessively this year. (What?! It’s hard eating Pancheros every day while still being able to afford rent!) Then you remember the last time you spoke to your parents’ coworkers was in the second grade when you were selling Girl Scout cookies or Boy Scout popcorn. Will they even remember who you are? Don’t worry, there is a solution! Get your DIY on and make a trifold poster and mason jar duo to set out at family gatherings or break rooms.This will show people that you put effort into this organization, and will encourage them to start a conversation with you about Dance Marathon instead of the other way around. Awkward crisis = averted!! Add your own personal touch to these ideas for the perfect display!

Mason Jar or Donation Box: Substitute a little lime tulle and ribbon to make a super simple, yet cute donation jar! A hot glue gun would work best, but any strong glue will do. Pick up some letter stickers or cheap paint and add a quote to the front of your jar. You could also add some lime stickers or glitter to your jar as well!


Trifold Poster: Putting an informative display behind your donation jar will draw people’s attention and inform them about Dance Marathon! Talk about a win-win!


Any type of poster will work, but a trifold will stand up all on its own which is handy! The best display will have a combination of pictures, decoration, and information.

Pictures: If you have pictures from past Dance Marathons, family events, or morale group socials, include those!! Adding little captions to personal pictures will show that you are involved and excited about DM which will hopefully rub off on potential donors. If you haven’t been as involved as you would have liked, don’t worry! There are still plenty events coming up and other pictures to choose from! UIDM has a flickr account with pictures from pretty much every event that you can access here: You can also add general logos that can either be UI specific or Dance Marathon/Children’s Miracle Network.


Decoration: Dressing up your display will really draw people in! There are so may ways to do this and it will really make a difference! Use lime ribbon to make little bows to stick in random places. Frame pictures or quotes with decorative lime paper. Use a fun pattern scissors to go the extra mile with this. Get some sparkly glitter glue to add patterns, stars, or hearts. You can check out the UIDM Pinterest to get some other ideas or find inspirational quotes to add. If you have any old dancer packets sitting around, cut out meaningful parts and stick those on your display as well.

Information: Including some general information on your display will help give people an idea of what Dance Marathon all entails. Click around on the UIDM website to find our mission statement and other facts about DM. Fun facts about the new Children’s hospital are always a good choice! This link will give you access to anything you need to know:!

A quick trip to the nearest craft store + a little bit of time and love will go far with this. I guarantee this display will help you go from 0 to 500 real quick (and beyond). Happy crafting!


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