If you’re involved in Dance Marathon, your one goal over the next week – apart from sleeping and watching Netflix – should be to FUNDRAISE. Don’t worry, between the DIY Donation Display earlier this week and this helpful guide for how to approach every member of your family, the PR committee has got you covered!

How to approach your crazy uncle:

crazy uncle.jpg

Everyone has one. Maybe it’s your mom’s brother or dad’s stepsibling that always has a little too much eggnog, but whoever it is, you’ve definitely got a crazy uncle in the family. How to ask them for donations? Get them talking on one of their favorite rants to go on, and chime in with witty remarks and nods of encouragement. Soon enough you will both be laughing and at ease, and will be able to casually bring up Dance Marathon and how important it is to you.

How to approach your no-nonsense aunt:


We’ve all got some tough-cookies in our families, and dear aunts are no exception. Bringing up how you’ve been a rule follower this school year and joining an organization that does so many wonderful things is probably just the thing your aunt needed to hear to move you up on the favorite niece/nephew list. Talk about the time and dedication it takes to be a part of a group doing so much good for the community, and your aunt is sure to eat it up.

How to approach your grandma:


This one is simple. Take a moment to sit down in a quiet place with your grandma and start to ask her questions about her childhood and what her favorite things to do when she was younger were. Listen to her anecdotes thoughtfully, and when the time is right chime in with how Dance Marathon is one of your favorite things to be a part of at school, and she will surely want to help you create memories like the ones she has today.

How to approach your older cousin:


You know who I’m talking about, the older cousin who used to be a goofball but now tries to act like a professional adult, as if they didn’t bounce you off of a trampoline as a kid. Going up to them and making small talk about how their new lives are is a good start, but it always helps to go back and reminisce on the good ole’ days when you all used to wear matching footie pajamas. Maybe bring up a childhood photo or two, and then talk about how your new life incorporates Dance Marathon. With them being a now responsible adult, they are sure to help you out.

Families are crazy, but they do care about you and the things you care about. Make an extra effort this thanksgiving to embrace everyone’s unique personalities and spread that lime!


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