Every dancer looks forward to rocking out to Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” at the halfway point of the marathon to raise spirits after standing for twelve straight hours for the kids. This year, that excitement was continued when performers Go Go Gadjet came on stage. The awesome group covered new and old hits with a contagious energy which was much needed in the early hours of the day. They even performed an original called “Make You Feel Good.” All the proceeds from this song benefit the battle against pediatric cancer. Go Go Gadjet has a history of performing for this specific cause. They are from Pennsylvania, but said it was well worth the drive to be able to share their talents in a way that benefits such a good cause.


Later this year, they will be performing at Penn State’s Dance Marathon for the tenth year.The members know people personally affected by pediatric cancer and love performing for Dance Marathons because they believe those kids deserve to get to the point we are all at today. Definitely check out Go Go Gadget (they are on Spotify) and support this inspiring group as they are going back to the studio this month to record more original material! Only a few more hours left, dancers!



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