Executive Director

“We held our Dance Marathon 24 Exec/Chair retreat where the Executive Council and the chairpersons from each committee got together to create our goals for the year. It was a fun and productive evening. This year, we plan to embrace challenges, push limits, and foster innovation. It is evident in the large goals the committees set for themselves.


Our leadership team was nearly completed in April. All committee members, excluding the Operations committee that is  brought on in the fall, were selected and have already had a few meetings! This year’s leadership team is so excited to begin putting in the work to provide a fun and exciting year for our dancers, partners and sponsors, and families.

Dance Marathon representatives, hospital staff, community leaders, and University faculty and staff met to allocate all funds from the previous year.”


“Our committee created the awesome Exec Carpool Karaoke video (watch here) and the Fore The Kids logo and theme.18194735_10211119169589645_297852222932015196_n.jpg

We will be featured in the Hawk Shop Catalogue that is sent out to about 30,000 people with four exclusive year long Hawk Shop items and will be featured on their only catalogue as well.

And we made the new profile pic, community day graphic for airliner, and the summer send off graphic.”


“We filled 230 DMM runner spots faster than ever before. We are partnering with CH Robinson to put on an incredible golf outing that is in the planning stage right now.

Now, we are creating a new partnership for FTK Day which is really exciting.

On April 22, we held our Alumni Professional Development event and and Alumni Welcome and Transition event.

We also assisted Waukee in hosting their first ever mini DM which was a huge success.”




“All meeting rooms for the next year are
booked. We also met with Summer of Arts and we are now implementing a sustainability Strategic Plan”

Family Relations/Hospital

“We are orienting our 15 new committee members, executive council, and FR cabinet in our brand new 11th floor of the UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital!


April 18 was our first Hospital Event. On April 30th, where we hosted our families at Fun City.

We are currently pairing families with new representatives in our organization.”



“We had our first Community Day at Airliner on
April 19th. The turnout was great and 10 percent
of everyone’s bill went back to Dance Marathon

We also received a sponsor for our Fun City event – $1,000 from RSM in Burlington.”


“All Morale Captains and Morale Captain Assistants were given their group numbers and we paired the captains with their assistants.


Everyone is working on spreading lime and getting students registered for DM before the semester ends and for dancers that have registered, Captains and their MCA’s are creating relationships with them already.

Also, Morale Captains are learning the Morale Dance and the rest of the Morale committee is planning summer fundraising opportunities for everyone!”


“We are simplifying the matching gift program, developing the Spirit Points system, adding canning events to different and new places, and working on new fundraising methods for Dancers.”



“We had registration day on April 3rd and had many dancers register!

We also planned the Summer Send Off event for May 3rd and created
a Returning Dancer Panel which allows returning DM dancers to share ideas and make the Big Event the best possible experience.”

PR/ Marketing

“Our Humans of DM campaign is going strong. Be on the lookout for new Sponsor Spotlights, Travel Tuesdays, and Keeping Up With the Kiddos posts!


Our ever-growing website and app are continually being worked on.

We are working on diversifying our internal and external image through media and marketing, with an emphasis on putting into motion new offline marketing techniques.

We are receiving a full page ad in the Locals Love Us catalog for FREE to promote Dance Marathon. This catalog will be direct mailed to 50,000 homes over the summer.


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