Dance Marathon Study Rooms:

Dance Marathon has rented out different meeting rooms in the Iowa Memorial Union throughout finals week for study sessions. They will be open all day and you can spend time studying with other Dance Marathon members, or put some headphones in and work through your study guides.

Therapy Dogs:

One of the best things about finals week are the therapy dogs brought images.jpegto campus several times. There’s nothing better than playing with puppies after reading through an entire textbook trying to remind yourself of what you learned over
the semester. Cuddling with dogs and petting them has been shown to help relieve stress and can make you happier. These dogs are trained to calm you down, and can help you take a quick break while studying.


Just like the therapy dogs, yoga can calm
you down, too. The deep breathing and slow movements will give your brain a break
from absorbing information, and the classes are easy enough to follow along if you have never done yoga before or are an expert. The yoga sessions typically don’t go too long and allow for the perfect amount of time to take a break from studying.


Free Food:images-1.jpeg

There’s free food all over campus, and it ranges from a pancake breakfast to late-night coffee to fruit. Different buildings and colleges are hosting events that feature free food, so there isn’t a place on campus you can go to and not find something to eat.


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