Executive Director

With the end of the semester, many of our wonderful students moved their tassels and officially became Dance Marathon Alumni. At the graduation ceremony, students donned lime green cords as they walked across the stage to receive their diplomas. We wish to congratulate our recent graduates and look forward to their participation in the Alumni group.

After discussing fundraising and the potential to grow with our leadership team, the fundraising minimum was increased for the nearly 300 leadership members. We are excited to see the creative techniques individuals use to reach their $1,000!

As we begin the summer recess, I look forward to keeping everyone engaged and informed on all the exciting opportunities that will begin to unfold!”


“We designed a long sleeve pocket tee that features the new children’s hospital which is for sale at the Hawkshop and will be for sale all of DM24.summer send off merch.jpg

Our Flickr will be updated with pictures that were taken from our Summer Sendoff.

We sold our DM “S’well” water bottles and FTK lime tanks at the Summer Sendoff as well.”



“Mini Dance Marathon’s came out with a new logo for the upcoming Mini DM season.

We are busy working on Fore the Kids that will be this August.fore the kids.jpg

Our committee partnered with Kickoff to Kinnick for FTK Day and we have begun planning.

Our Faculty/Alumni Chair, Zach Wilford, is continuing to work on updating the alumni list and beginning to plan events for the upcoming semester.

Lastly, the Dance Marathon Marathon training will start in June.”


“We will have our first volunteering opportunity with Summer of the Arts on June 3rd.

Our committee is brainstorming decoration ideas for the Big Event.

Another volunteer opportunity has been arranged with the Iowa City Block Party on June 24th.”

Family Relations/Hospital

“This month, 200 families were paired with their representatives. We planned Kickoff to Kinnick and prepared for our Adventureland event.

The May Hospital Party was great! It was Spring theme and had crafts like “Pin the Tail on the Bunny,” dirt cup making, and the event was filled with fun and laughter.”


dp dough.jpg“We held our Cortado Community Day on May 8th where 30% of the proceeds that day went to Dance Marathon.

Java House sponsored Finals Week for the Event Committee.

For our Summer Send off, DP Dough was an in-kind sponsor, where they donated their goods.”


“Captains are reaching out to all of the new dancers that have registered and are giving each of them the resources to go out and start fundraising.

Morale groups are getting their representative families and Captains/MCA’s are extremely excited to get to know them and share their story with the rest of the group.”

Businessdylan richie.jpg

“Canning dates have been set for Summer leadership/runners.

Total merchandise sales that were made from Summer Sendoff: $2,750!

Summer fundraising has started from both leadership committees and the dancers.”


“During Summer Send Off, we had a totally of 63 dancers registered and the $2,750 sales in merchandise.register summer send off.jpg

For our Finals Week Event, we had an activity where DM participants could make their own personalized fundraising can. Between leadership and dancers, over 20 people came in and made cans. Java House sponsored the event with Iced Coffee.

We held our first Returning Dancer Panel where Morale Captains and Returning Dancers got together to talk about how DM can recognize these dancers and their continuous commitment to the org. Event specifically will work on inclusion and utilization within the morale groups, exclusive merch, and special incentives.”


“We launched our Graffiti FTK offline marketing activity at Summer Sendoff.summer send off grafitti ftk.jpg
The committee implemented a social media calendar for the summer and are doing the preliminary work for updates for the DM app!

We are also getting started on summer marketing for Fore the Kids.”


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