During the summer, it’s easy to forget about everything besides lounging by the pool and working on your tan, working hard at your summer job so you have a lot of money to start the school year off, and sleeping as much as possible to make up for the sleep lost during the school year. But, it’s important to remember what you’re working toward, because Dance Marathon is a year-round organization.

One of the easiest ways to stay excited about DM during the summer is to rock your lime. Whether it’s some bracelets or your Big Event t-shirt, sporting your lime will remind you why you dance and take part in DM, and will also give people the opportunity to ask you about DM.

Getting a head start on your fundraising can also keep you excited for DM. You can go door-to-door canning, hold a carwash with some friends, have a garage sale, or hold a community day. These are all great ways to spread some lime and get the word out about what Dance Marathon is.

You can attend family events and fundraising opportunities throughout the summer if you’re in the Iowa City area or have the opportunity to travel there. Fun family events take place throughout the entire summer, and different events in the Iowa City area offer opportunities to volunteer and raise money.

Even talking about Dance Marathon to your family and friends in your hometown can get you hyped up for the Big Event and the time leading up to it. Spreading the word informs more people about how great the kiddos and their families are, as well as what Dance Marathon offers to them and those involved.

It’s important to stay excited about Dance Marathon throughout the entire year, especially when it can be easy to forget about until school starts again. Keep spreading lime, and get others as excited for Dance Marathon as you are.


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