Executive Director

“With the summer recess in full swing, many of our dancers and leadership members find themselves all over the globe, enjoying their freedom from school. While I  encourage everyone to make the most of their break, I am also seeking new opportunities and ideas to assist our dancers and leadership team with their fundraising. In addition to promoting summer fundraising, I had the pleasure to meet with many of our partners and constituents including representatives from Children’s Miracle Network and the UI Foundation in order to keep everyone updated on what DM 24 is up to!”35468223381_61a41f7951_o.jpg


“We have been working hard on getting merchandise ready for Adventureland! All of the merchandise that is going to be in the Hawk Shop year long is there now and will soon be on the Hawk Shop website. We are about to order the All Leadership T-Shirts and are finishing up the Sponsorship packet.”


“We are in the planning process for our 2nd annual Fore the Kids Golf Tournament – August 12 open to anyone!

We are also beginning preparations for Kickoff to Kinnick!”35468232681_34a633a332_o.jpg


“There are a lot of volunteering opportunities coming up such as The Iowa City Arts Festival, Block Party, and Jazz Festival. 

We had our first work day on the 24th where we worked on Big Event decorations.”

Family Relations/ Hospital

“Our Adventureland Family Event was on June 25th where over 900 family members and guests and 150 DM members were in attendance.

We have over 25 new families so far for DM24.35468260471_4bf2c41123_o.jpg

Now, we are beginning preparation for our Lost Island Family Event!”


“Prairie Meadows Casino and Hotel donated $1,000 towards the Adventureland Family Event.

We would also like to extend a big thank you to the Etre Food Group (Formosa, Takanami, and El Patron) for providing 15 gift cards for DM Diner.”


“Our Committee is welcoming the incoming freshman to the University of Iowa at the Orientation Student Org Fairs and we are getting them registered for Dance Marathon 24!

We are also working on fundraising ideas to help dancers fundraise throughout the summer.”


“Our summer canning kickstarted and we have already raised over $2,500.

We are doing a Fundraising Challenge tracking which monitors how much money the challenge is bringing in.

Finally, we are continuing to push matching gifts and our letter writing campaign.”


“Our committee is planning events for the fall semester (Dance Marathon After Dark, Annual Fall Event, Lime Days, etc.)


We have our weekly newsletter, The Lime Times, sent out to those registered for DM24.

Dancer Meetings are being planned for the upcoming Fall semester.”


PR/ Marketing

“We are getting into a groove of new and fresh social media! Keep checking our Twitter and Instagram for Motivation Mondays and Travel Tuesday from all of our awesome DM members around the world.

Our marketing team is preparing for the Fore the Kids golf outing.”




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