We are three weeks into the school year. Students are getting used to their schedules, re-familiarizing themselves with the campus, making new friends, creating new memories, and possibly experiencing more stress than the summer brought.

But, among all of this stress — the tests, quizzes, homework, lack of sleep — we need to remain full of hope and stay dedicated for our kiddos.

These kiddos and families at the UI Stead Family Children’s hospital often go days without hope — an unimaginable feeling for some — which is all the more reason why we, as an organization, should be doing everything we can to support these families both financially and emotionally.

The students of the University of Iowa who have joined Dance Marathon (whether they be new to the organization or a returner) have made a commitment to not only themselves, but the DM families too.

We have 149 days until the big difference we are making in these kiddo’s lives is revealed.

We have 149 days to work together, fundraise together, be together, and take giant leaps together.

We have 149 days to make a difference financially and emotionally.

We have 149 days to be a part of something great, something meaningful, something that can change more than just your life.

We have 149 days to live by our vision statement.*

We have 149 days to spread lime and change the world — all FTK.

So don’t give up at these stressful times. Every fundraising effort makes a large impact no matter the monetary amount. Every minute you spend spreading lime or fundraising could give these kiddos and their family a lifetime’s worth of support and hope.

Together, we can make a difference For The Kids.


*Our vision statement: With open arms and empathetic hearts, we will provide endless hope and support to our kiddos and families through confidence in our passion that will embrace challenges, consistently push limits, and foster innovation. Our color alone will give the kids a reason to smile as we create new reasons to celebrate the united efforts of Dance Marathon 24.





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