Dance Marathon students raise funds that go towards many different things, from restaurant gift cards to parking passes to medicine to even the 11th floor of the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. To kick off the year in what Dance Marathon allocates its funds to, over $650,000 has been donated to purchase a brand new 3T MRI machine. 
Scott Turner, the Executive Director for the Stead Family Children’s Hospital, announced the brand new MRI machine at the October dancer meetings on October 9-10. During construction of the new hospital, there was space accommodated for two MRI machines and their installation. 

The new MRI machine offers improved access to MRIs for patients, elevates care for pediatric cancer patients, and extends beyond just cancer patients within the hospital, such as those who suffer from seizures or GI disorders. 

Because Dance Marathon donated the funds to purchase the brand new MRI machine, the Stead Family Children’s Hospital has named the MRI waiting room after the University of Iowa Dance Marathon.

“I know kiddos and their families who come in to get their MRIs done will probably be scared and unsure, but I also know they will be comforted knowing they are in the University of Iowa Dance Marathon Waiting Room,” said Alex Linden, the Executive Director of Dance Marathon. “Being a part of Dance Marathon means that we can make every single day in that hospital just a little bit better.”

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