Humans of Dance Marathon

Returning dancer, Shannon Hitchcock How do/did you personally fundraiser while on break? Do you have any tips for first year dancers? "When I'm home on break, I go canning in my neighborhood to fundraise for DM. I always offer my neighbors a copy of my letter explaining why I'm raising money for DM and why I dance. … Continue reading Humans of Dance Marathon


Humans of Dance Marathon

Morale Captain Assistant- Evan Chidley What’s your biggest advice to dancers for fundraising over Thanksgiving break? "Thanksgiving break is a great time to go canning in your neighborhood, visit your old teachers, explain Dance Marathon to your family, and spread the lime!"

Humans Of Dance Marathon

Dancer of the Month- Emily Sula of Group 5 University of Iowa Dance Marathon's Dancer of the Month recognizes an individual who is a positive representative of Dance Marathon. They show their lime by attending events with their Morale Group, encouraging others to get involved, and maintaining a passion for Dance Marathon. This month, we'd … Continue reading Humans Of Dance Marathon

Lime Time Wednesday: Spreading Lime

Lime Time Wednesday: Spreading Lime and Other Fundraising Ideas! As you may know Wednesdays are the popular day throughout the week where all of UIDM proudly displays their favorite color, lime green. Iowa City has become accustomed to lime and its representation. That being said, how can we help Dance Marathon reach beyond the Iowa … Continue reading Lime Time Wednesday: Spreading Lime

Humans of Dance Marathon

**Pictured Allison Garmager (left) and Kirk Garmager (right) Development Committee Member- Allison Garmager "Why do you think it is important for Dance Marathon to host the family brunch?" "I think the brunch is important for DM because it allows families to more fully understand the impact that this organization has on kiddos and their families and how … Continue reading Humans of Dance Marathon