Go Go Gadjet Fires Up Dancers

Every dancer looks forward to rocking out to Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” at the halfway point of the marathon to raise spirits after standing for twelve straight hours for the kids. This year, that excitement was continued when performers Go Go Gadjet came on stage. The awesome group covered new and old hits … Continue reading Go Go Gadjet Fires Up Dancers


Saturday: What’s Left

7:00 am marks the halfway point for Dance Marathon, and with that a kick butt rendition of Living on a Prayer and the knowledge that there’s only 12 hours left at the Big Event. Although the hour starts off with a bang, it is only one of many exciting things in store for the rest … Continue reading Saturday: What’s Left

Kiddo Graduation: Much More than a Ceremony

In medical communities around the country, the 5-year milestone post cancer treatment is known as being “Cancer Free”, but in DM, we know it as Graduation. Graduation has become a staple celebration during the Big Event but it hasn’t always been around. It began in DM15 following the largest financial milestone DM had ever accomplished … Continue reading Kiddo Graduation: Much More than a Ceremony